Sunday, July 25, 2010

Monthly EHow Earnings

There's still about a week left of July, but I'm already pretty happy with my EHow earnings this month. I'm currently at $15.53. That might not sound like a lot, but keep in mind that I only have 29 articles posted on EHow, and haven't written a new article for them in months. This is all residual income, which I love.

I've made $126.27 in residual income for 2010 on EHow alone. If you aren't familiar with residual income, that means I earned $126.27 for work I already did months ago. I'm working hard to learn about back links, SEO, and Google AdSense so that I can apply this to the new articles I'm currently writing for HubPages.


Kidgas said...

Even though I don't make all that much from eHow, it is still nice to be pulling in from $10-20 each month without doing anything. Right now I am trying to work on increasing my income and traffic at HubPages.

Missy Nolan said...

How are you doing over at HubPages, Kidgas? I was hit hard after the initial Google algorithm changes, but my earnings are starting to come back.